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Friday, June 21, 2013

Mr Wayne, Kash, Young Buck, Brooklyn Bounce & Intrigue - Part 2

The thugz are done sucking around and they are ready to get those big thug cocks ramming into some tight ass. The new guys are spit roasted between our thug regulars and their asses are being slapped so as they keep sucking and taking that cock. Looks like Mr Wayne scored the job of cum rag today and he cops a whole lotta thug cum all over.CLICK HERE
Marco Di Lucca, Josh Monteiro & Jon Janes

Marco and Jon loved this threesome with 18 year old Josh Monteiro and they sandwich fuck till they all shoot over the table.CLICK HERE
It's A Big Job

It's hard to get young apprentices to finish a job when no ones watching. This pair are no exception - except if that job is sucking each other off. This big dicked pair of twinks suck and fuck and then jerk themselves into a cummy mess. Well at least they got that job done ... now back to work.CLICK HERE
Preston, Rick & Mark

'Which one of you guys has a bigger dick?' Preston Johnson asks with two meaty mounds of short-covered flesh in each hand. Rick Romo and Mark are up for the challenge. Preston uses his mouth as the most accurate means for deciding the winner. Black vs. Brown and Cut vs. Uncut - Preston has one difficult decision ahead of him. Unconvinced even after wrapping his hot mouth around each cock, Preston decides to show these studs what being a power bottom really means! Sucking and fucking, Mark and Rick leave no hole unfilled. Still not satisfied, Preston wants more. With Preston begging to be double penetrated, Mark and Rick are smiling like a couple of teenagers at a porn convention. Preston moans in pain and pleasure as he fits both girthy man swords into his hungry hole. Exhausted and sweaty, Preston declares a tie for the biggest dick. Rick and Mark are both happy with the verdict.CLICK HERE
Steven Daigle & Conner O'Reilly

Steven and Conner look like haven't had a fuck in a long time. The animal intensity with which they launch at each other is incredible and the action keeps up throughout the scene. There's no soft cocks here - these two are hard as hell and ready to fuck.CLICK HERE

Tender twink Mark has one hell of a big cock - that thing would really do some damage deep in your ass. Luckily the blond beauty is just here to jerk it off in a solo video this time around.CLICK HERE
Jake Parker & Kip Ryker BAREBACK in Chicago

Jason Sparks is in Chicago for the Grabby Awards - for which Jason Sparks Live was nominated! He's got two hot blonds Jake and Kip who are going to fuck bareback CLICK HERE
Marcelo Mastro & Kevyn Luss

Marcelo and Kevyn are watching the football but Kevyn's not that interested - he's got Marcelo's balls on his mind. Luckily Marcelo is hiding a raging boner in his shorts and Kevyn coaxes it out and swallows it whole. Marcelo repays the favour by burying his face in Kevyn's ass - sticking his tongue deep inside his twitching hole. Kevyn can't wait anymore and demands to be fucked. Marcelo shoves his raw cock deep into that well lubricated ass as Kevyn moans in pleasure.CLICK HERE
Twink Hookah-Up

These two Euro twinks are locked away as part of some Sultan's hareem. Whilst waiting for the Sultan to make use of their eager holes they amuse themselves with a bareback twink fuck fest. CLICK HERE
Fuck My Black Ass - Scene 2

This scene features a very hot straight black guy that loves getting his cock sucked by the 24-year-old cock pig. He sucks his cock, they fuck hard in the sling and then he eventually gets a mouthful of straight guy cum.CLICK HERE